Dilip Patel

Mr Dilip Patel









Appointed by  Appointed by GB/board

From  14 June 2019

To  14 June 2023

Has been a resident of the UK for 45 years.

Educated in the UK.

A married man. Two daughters, both qualified Doctors.


Two years in Banking. Thirty nine years in retail business.

Owner of a local Retail Business for 24 years.

I was Mayor of Havering 2018-2019.


A member of The Lions’ Club. Having been President on two occasion, and one year as Zone Chairman. Working with Local and International Charities.

A local Councillor representing a Collier Row Ward.

I am very familiar with local needs and Schools, having known many customers from childhood to parenthood. Many of these people having attended Parklands School.

I have no business or financial interests that impact on my role as a governor.