Nina Franklin

Nina Franklin








Leadership and Management committee

Appointed by   Appointed by GB/board

From 24 June 2021

To  23 June 2025


“I am a mother of three, all of whom attend or have attended Parklands Primary School.

I became a co-opted governor in June 2021 and was delighted to accept the role.  I have a keen interest in the education of children  and consider this role a fantastic opportunity to be part of a dynamic and successful school, a school whose goal is to see all children from all backgrounds thrive and achieve a high standard of education.

I have been a solicitor for 18 years now and I currently work for a local authority.  Prior to this, I worked in Private Practice where my main role was dealing with family related matters.

I am also an IV (Independent Visitor). This is a voluntary role which involves befriending children in care, acting as a role model, helping the young person to develop new skills and interests, being a listening ear and providing them with encouragement and support to achieve and be the best that they can.

I believe that the skills that I have acquired are transferable to the role of governor, enabling me to contribute to an already diverse and experienced governing body who are dedicated to acting in the best interests of the school.

I am part of the Leadership and Management Committee.

I have no business or financial interests that would impact on my role as a governor and I am not a governor at any other school.”