Safeguarding Governor Responsibilities.

Role of Safeguarding Governor

Outline of role

The Children’s Act 2004 places a duty on agencies to ensure that their functions are discharged having regard for the need to safeguard children and promote their welfare.

By safeguarding and promoting welfare we mean:

Protecting children from abuse or neglect
Preventing impairment of the child’s health or development
Ensuring children’s are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care
Creating opportunities to enable children to have optimum life changes in adulthood

The governor responsible for safeguarding children will play an essential role in ensuring children in education are kept safe from harm


The Safeguarding and Child Protection Governor should not be a parent governor or teacher governor as this could lead to them being compromised in the event of a disciplinary matter.
To be familiar with LA guidance and policy relating to Safeguarding and Child Protection and associated issues, and to attend training for nominated Safeguarding and Child Protection governors
To ensure that the Governing Board puts in place a suitable Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and associated procedures
To champion safeguarding and child protection issues within the school
To encourage other members of the governing board to develop their understanding of the governing board’s responsibilities with regard to Child Protection and assist them to perform their functions in respect of Safeguarding Children and Young People
To contribute to ensuring any deficiencies in the school’s safeguarding practices are addressed which may be brought to Governors’ attention by a member of school staff, a parent, an officer of the Authority or from any other source
To meet regularly with the senior member of the school’s leadership team who is the designated teacher for safeguarding and child protection in order to monitor the effectiveness of the governing board’s Safeguarding and Child Protection policy. It is recommended that this is at least a termly meeting
To ensure that the governing board receives an annual report on the implementation of the school’s safeguarding and child protection policy and procedures including:

Arrangements for ensuring that the school’s safeguarding and child protection policy is communicated to, and implemented by, all staff:

Ensuring that the designated member of staff with lead responsibility for Safeguarding and Child Protection is part of the school’s leadership team, and has sufficient time and resources at his /her disposal to carry out his / her duties effectively
Ensuring that a deputy designated teacher for safeguarding and child protection is identified
Ensuring that the Designated Teacher for Safeguarding and Child Protection and his/her deputy receive training every two years
Training in Child Protection undertaken by ALL staff, including Lunch Time Supervisors, clerical staff and other ancillary staff, every three years
Arrangements are in place for the inclusion of child protection procedures in an induction programme for all people working in the school, no matter for how long, nor the status of that individual
Arrangements to ensure safer recruitment procedures and appropriate checks on new staff and volunteers
The number of students currently subject to a Child Protection Plan NB details of names will not be provided to maintain confidentiality.
How Safeguarding and Child Protection issues are addressed through the curriculum
The provision of information to the LA about how the governing board’s duties in respect of Safeguarding and Child Protection have been discharged
The Chair of the governing board will liaise with the Head teacher and the Authority over matters regarding confidential child protection issues involving allegations against staff
Where there is an allegation of abuse against the head teacher, the Chair of the governing board will take the lead in liaising with the LA and/or partner agencies unless a member of the Governing Boardhas relevant expertise which would mean that person was better fitted to take this role, including:
o Notifying the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) immediately
o Ensuring with LA support that appropriate action is to be taken in accordance with agreed procedures
o To attend initial and subsequent strategy meetings as required if other agencies are involved
o To take the lead in an investigation under employment procedures in conjunction with Human Resources and the Child Protection Service when the other agencies’ involvement is at an end

The Vice Chair of the governing board will deputise for the Chair in the Chair’s absence as appropriate.