Vision and Values

Parklands Primary School believes in creating a culture of high expectation, collaboration and ambition amongst all members of the school community.

We ‎aim to instil a desire for constant improvement amongst ourselves, staff, governors and children and deliver inspired teaching that encourages positive attitudes towards lifelong learning. We want our children to feel valued and confident as individuals and ensure they feel supported, safe and cared for in ‎our school.

We aim that children leave Parklands Primary School with a clear sense of responsibility and independence and an understanding of the importance of community and how their behaviour impacts upon others. We aim to inspire success in our children by creating rounded individuals who seek out lifelong opportunities to learn in order to be the best they can be.​

Our School Aims

  • We value each member of the school community and aim to develop each individual’s potential and remove barriers to learning.
  • We aim to ensure that everyone is able to participate fully in school life, making reasonable adjustments wherever possible to accommodate all members of the school community.
  • The school aims to encourage positive attitudes towards diversity among staff and pupils to ensure that everyone is treated equally and achieves individual success.

A range of stakeholders have been involved in the process of evaluating the school’s performance in order to identify school priorities. The school’s vision lies at the heart of this development plan. All stakeholders are fully committed to improving teaching and learning in order to improve the outcomes for pupils. Information has been included from:

  • The recommendations from the Ofsted report of November 2016.
  • The analysis of performance data such as Analyse School Performance (ASP).
  • Pupil views from Ambassadors and School Council.
  • Feedback from children, governing board, staff and parents i.e. Parklands in Action, Parent View, Governor visits, parental feedback, pupil feedback.