We take the safe use of the internet very seriously at Parklands.  We have various ways to promote safe internet use:

  • During the Autumn term, we were reminded of the E safety rules for keeping safe on the internet with an assembly by Mrs Wilson and Mr Stevens.
  • Half termly, we include in our PSHE lessons, units on Cyber Bullying.
  • Ambassadors prepared an E safety presentation as part of the interview process
  • Digital Leaders held a competition to create an E safety poster to be displayed in each classroom.
  • Parent’s workshops will be held throughout the academic year. If you have any concerns in the meantime please contact your child’s class teacher for more support.
  • Pupil and Parent/Carers guides to social networking were distributed in September 2019.


eSafety Guidance for Parents

The best way to protect your children online is to be informed yourself and make it part of your day to day life.  We spend years training our children to cross the road and stay away from strangers in the outside world in all the daily messages we give them before we ever let them out there on their own.  Training them to be safe online should be an equal part of these safety messages as they can be out in the ‘world wide web’ from a very young age, unsupervised at times.  Use the websites below to help you find the best ways to talk to your children about keeping safe online.

Staying Safe Online

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