Pupils at Parklands Primary School enjoy debating and sharing their opinions on local and global issues. We have a weekly Debate club where pupils have the opportunity to discuss issues and debate our ‘Question of the Week’. Pupils in all year group are able to participate in Debate Club and have the opportunity to visit the Mayoral Chambers to discuss their interest in current affairs.













You can’t trust everything as sometimes there are opinions but written in way to make it seem like a fact.  Also it may not be true at all  –  Elizabeth 6MH







Yes, because animals give you love, care and they keep you company.

They can support you in many ways.

They always protect you and love you!  –  Leah 4RN








It depends on the type of video.  As long as your parents say it is ok, yes.  It also depends on your age  –  Ronnie 6ED









Yes as long as we are not disturbing our neighbours  –  Rocco

No, because if you have a lot of lights, you will be wasting electricity  –  Joshua 4SL















No because animals should be roaming free in the wild – Caitlin 5SS















No, what improves your life is happiness and friendship – Max 6ED









Yes because we need more rules to save the environment and make the planet better  –  Leah 4RN








No because you might be taking them away from their family.  However, they might be in danger so we should help  –  Charlotte L















I think school uniform is important as it makes you feel equal  –  Maddie 5KB

School uniform is not important as we can’t express our own style with it which is what makes us unique  –  Dhilakshan 5SM







Sometimes, as you might need help when you are least expecting it, it’s not always smart to be independent  –  Lily 6KR

Sometimes, it is wrong to refuse help because you might want to be independent  –  Amber 6KR







Yes, because you can say something and not mean it but if you do it you know you can be trusted  –  Jenisha 5SS