KS2 Maths Ambassadors

KS2 Maths Ambassadors were appointed in October 2021. These children will be at the forefront of promoting the love and power of maths throughout the school.

This team of children will work alongside Mrs Stephen to undertake some of the following responsibilities:

– Run and manage whole school maths competitions

– Support children within the lower years with basic mathematical facts (times tables, number bonds etc.)

– Take visitors and school Governors on maths themed learning walks

– Help upkeep maths displays and create/ change problem of the month

– Write news snippets of what is happening in maths at Parklands for the school website.

Meet the Maths Ambassadors!


My name is Uzayr and I am excited to be the new Maths Ambassador. I am delighted to have been appointed for the role since I love maths as it is my passion and it always gives quite a challenge. Also, I like to help people as it joys me to see them enjoying maths the same way I do. 


My name is Pranav, and I am in Year 6. I am a Maths ambassador and am proud to be one. I have loved Maths from an early age. Some of my hobbies are playing cricket, chess and other board games and solving brain teasers. I can also solve a 3×3 Rubik’s cube in less than 2 minutes! I am looking forward to using my maths knowledge to help the school.


Hi, my name is Kyla. I am 10 years old and I’m currently in year 6. My hobbies include dancing, singing, riding my bike and playing games on my PC. I also enjoy playing cards, my favourite game is twizzle. 

I am glad to have the opportunity to become a Maths Ambassador because maths is my favourite subject! My favourite things about maths are: 


  • Times tables, which I am really good at
  • Long multiplication and division 
  • Short multiplication and division 
  • Roman numerals
  • Line graphs ​​


I enjoy using my knowledge to work out the reasoning questions as I feel that I am great at explaining my answers. I am extremely proud to have come first in a Times Table Rockstar competition in year 4. I always strive to improve my score on Times Table Rockstars; I love having something to aim for. I have even competed against some of my teachers and beat them!!!!


Hi my name is Diyanah and I would like to say thank you first of you for selecting me as Maths Ambassador. 

It is a great privilege to be able to be the school’s representative for maths and I believe I have the potential to be able to help others in our school in order to raise the profile of maths. 



Hi my name is Angad. I am in year 6 and I have a passion for maths; I am really good at recalling my times tables and algebra. I like to play board games which involve maths in my spare time. In addition, I am a creative person and hope to bring creativity to my role as Maths Ambassador. I am really looking forwards to helping others in maths and creating exciting maths challenges this year. I want all children in the school to have the same passion for maths as me and to have a deep understanding of the subject.