Physical Education Policy

Parklands Primary School

 PE Policy





At Parklands Primary School, we recognise the importance of PE and the role it has to play in promoting long-term, healthy lifestyles. Through carefully sequenced and progressive lessons, alongside extensive extra-curricular opportunities, children are provided with a high-quality physical and sport education.


Aims and objectives

Through teaching Physical Education at Parklands Primary School we aim to:


  • challenge all pupils appropriately so that they can excel and reach their full potential
  • inspire pupils through fun and engaging lessons that are accessible to all
  • provide opportunities for pupils to develop values and transferrable life skills, such as teamwork and respect, as well as providing them with opportunities to take part in competitive sport
  • ensure that sporting competence is developed through a broad range of physical activities, which are carried out for sustained periods of time to not only promote a healthy and active lifestyle, but to foster an enjoyment and love of sport
  • foster community links within local primary and secondary schools and Sporting Associations
  • teach PE in the Foundation Stage through the EYFS framework as an aspect of ‘physical development’ to support children to develop their core strength, stability, balance, spatial awareness, co-ordination and agility and use the outdoor environment to promote this.


Roles and responsibilities of the PE Leader

  • to support newly qualified teachers and new members of staff with PE subject knowledge;
  • to ensure resources are readily available to teach PE safely and effectively;
  • to create a long term overview for all PE lessons;
  • KS1 leader to plan all indoor PE lessons year R, 1 and 2 and review outdoor lessons planed by external coaches and Premier Sport;
  • KS2 leader to plan all indoor PE lessons year 3,4,5 & 6 and review outdoor lessons planned by Premier Sport;
  • to regularly review the PE policy;
  • to keep up to date on all current initiatives;
  • to provide the highest standard of extracurricular activities for the children;
  • to work closely with Havering Sports Collective, who organise the sporting competitions and festivals for the children in the borough
  • to attend training sessions run by Havering Sports Collective to develop CPD


Timetable and facilities

Each class has two physical education lessons per week – each lasting one hour.

Equipment is regularly checked and monitored to ensure that each unit can be taught effectively. The KS1 and KS2 hall are used for PE. Additionally, the all-weather pitch, playgrounds and fields can be used to carry out PE lessons.


The resources for the PE lessons are to be found in the PE sheds (which are located next to the canteen, in the main KS2 playground and in KS1 playground) and in the halls. When collecting or replacing the equipment, the teacher must be present at all times. It must be placed back neatly where it was found.


In Year 5, all children attend swimming lessons at Central Park Swimming Pool. Each class attends lessons for half an hour, once a week for the entire academic year.


Multiple clubs are held throughout the school year to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition, games (such as skipping, football, handball etc.) are run by the mid-day assistants for all children during lunchtime. Year 6 Sports Leaders run clubs at lunchtime and Year 2 Sports Leaders learn different games to use at lunchtime with other children to develop leadership skills.


At Parklands Primary School, the children also have access to the trim-trail during break time and lunchtime; the classes rotate so that all pupils are given the opportunity to participate in this activity.


Health and Safety


At Parklands Primary School, we adhere to the BAALPE Health and Safety Safe Practice in Physical Education book. We have the most recent edition from 2007 in school, and it is available for all staff to refer to. The book is kept in the Deputy Head teacher’s office.


First Aid:

Any child who is injured during a PE lesson or at break/lunchtime must go to the office to be seen by a first aider, a buddy may accompany them. Any instance where the teacher feels that moving the child may cause further injury, a first aider should be sent for immediately by a child. Asthmatic children must have their named pump with them during all active lessons.



No jewellery should be worn during physical activity.



For all physical activity, long hair must be tied or clipped back. No metal headbands are not to be worn.


Supply Teachers:

The gymnastic apparatus must not be used at all.


Activity Area:

On entering the physical education area, the teacher must check that it is free from obstructions and anything that may impede the activity e.g. rubbish, hall furniture, clothing, displays.



For all gymnastics apparatus, a minimum of two children should carry each item. They should face the direction in which they are moving and bend their knees when lifting the equipment.


Safety Check:


Before allowing the children on the apparatus the teacher needs to check:

  1. Wall bar clips are securely in the holes on the floor.
  2. Wall bar wires are taut and correctly attached to the hook.
  3. Benches are not partially on a mat.
  4. Groups are not too close to each other.
  5. Benches, when raised, are connected using both hooks.
  6. Stools have level feet and are securely on the floor.
  7. Planks are attached to apparatus securely.



For health and hygiene reasons, everyday clothes must be changed for PE. All children change in their classrooms, supervised by a member of staff. If necessary, there can be separate areas within the classroom for boys and girls to change, (e.g. girls may use the cloakroom, while the boys use the main classroom space). Children should not use the toilets as an unsupervised changing room.


Indoor PE:

Pupils should wear:

  • Parklands coloured T-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Plimsolls


Outdoor PE:

Pupils should wear:

  • Parklands coloured T-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Black or navy Jumper (in the winter)
  • Black or navy jogging bottoms or leggings.
  • Trainers must be tied and are essential for all outdoor games lessons.



Pupils should wear:

  • Girls wear a swimming costume
  • Boys wear swimming trunks; alternatively swimming shorts are permitted if above the knee.
  • A swimming hat must be worn.
  • No bikinis are to be worn.


Non participants

If a child has no PE kit, spare boxes containing appropriate kit are available from the school office. No child is to take part in a lesson in their underwear – spare kit is available to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Children who are unable to participate for whatever reason must provide a note from home explaining why they are not taking part. Non participants must still join their class in the hall or playground and be involved by listening to coaching points and evaluating children’s learning. This may take the form of assistant coaching, refereeing, or score keeping. A non-participant sheet will be provided to all children who are not participating so that they are still able to access the learning in the lesson.


Equal Opportunities

All children will be given an equal opportunity to maximise their individual potential; this is regardless of ability, gender, race, religion, disability or talent. Activities are planned in a way that encourages full and active participation by all children, matched to their knowledge, understanding and previous experience. Resources are adapted to meet all children’s needs. Equal emphasis will be given to the roles of both men and women. Every effort will be made to ensure that activities are equally interesting to both boys and girls. In all lessons, the activities will be differentiated using STEP (Space, Task, Equipment and People). All pupils are provided with opportunities to take part in intra-house, inter-house competitions and festivals, applying their skills that they have learnt in their PE unit. All pupils are provided with the opportunity to attend clubs at school. SEN children have access to all clubs however, in addition to this, they are provided with the opportunity to attend “Social Club” at lunchtime in which they play panathlon sports and participate in a range of other activities.



Gifted and talented

Children whom the teacher deems to be exceptional in PE, are challenged during their lessons. They are also given opportunities to compete against other schools across Havering. School clubs and external clubs are promoted to children.


Extra-Curricular activities

At Parklands Primary School, we provide children with an extensive extra-curricular timetable. Many clubs are run, which allows extra-curricular activities to be accessible to all children due to the different times that they are offered during the school week. Clubs such as football, dance, netball, multisport, badminton, etc. are run by teachers and external providers.


Year 6 and Year 2 pupils are provided with the opportunity to become a sports leader. These children are taught leadership skills and provide fun and engaging activities at lunchtime to other pupils in the school.


Children are also given the opportunities to represent the school in the borough competitions, leagues and festivals as well as in friendly matches with other schools in Havering.



This policy is monitored through:

  • Evaluation and analysis of compilation data
  • Lesson observations to monitor the quality of teaching and implementation of planning
  • Pupil interviews and questionnaires


Date Approved: 05.10.21
Review Date: