Curriculum Intent



At Parklands Primary School, we believe that children should gain an understanding of British and World history taught through themes (KS1) and a chronological narrative: British history and that of the wider world (KS2). In this, students will develop a well-rounded knowledge of the past and its events, with the intention to improve every students’ understanding of the world around them.

For Key Stage 2, the history curriculum is set out in a chronological narrative in order to allow children to reference the previous events in time and to refer to this prior learning across the key stage in order to consolidate their learning.

For Key Stage 1, the history curriculum is taught through a cross-curricular approach to develop an understanding as well as knowledge of certain aspects within their own lifetime and beyond.

Through progressive lessons, we ensure every child is cognitively challenged and has the opportunity to acquire the key historical skills to enable them to think and talk like a historian:

  • Chronology
  • Interpretation
  • Enquiry
  • Significance
  • Characteristic Features
  • Continuity and Change
  • Cause and Consequence

As well as developing these key skills across our curriculum, history at Parklands Primary School provides opportunities for child-led activities, supporting them in becoming independent, confident and successful learners. From this, children can create their own structured accounts and analyses. We support children’s high aspirations by liaising with the wider community through a range of workshops, trips and discussions, allowing children to be well-prepared citizens.

Time Travellers

To promote history across the school, each class have elected a Time Traveller as a representative for this child-led group.

This role involves a range of responsibilities such as:

  • Preparing assemblies for significant events and people
  • Helping with events such as Remembrance Day
  • Keeping the artefacts tidy in the history museum.
  • Discussing with pupils how to make history lessons more enjoyable
  • Help with the running of Artefact of the Term

It is a fantastic and exciting opportunity to help make the subject come alive.

History Skills Progression

Long Term Planning for History

Good Work in History

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