Physical Education



Curriculum Intent 



At Parklands Primary School, we recognise the importance of PE and the role it has to play in promoting long-term, healthy lifestyles. Through carefully sequenced and progressive lessons, alongside extensive extra-curricular opportunities, children are provided with a high quality physical and sport education – enabling all children to have the knowledge and skills to succeed.


It is our vision for every pupil to be appropriately challenged so that they can excel and reach their full potential; we strive to inspire our pupils through fun and engaging PE lessons that are accessible to all.


Through our teaching of PE, we provide opportunities for pupils to develop values and transferrable life skills, such as teamwork and respect, as well as providing them with opportunities to take part in competitive sport.


Additionally, we ensure that sporting competence is developed through a broad range of physical activities, which are carried out for sustained periods of time to not only promote a healthy and active lifestyle,  but to foster an enjoyment and love of sport.


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