Windmill Hill residential

Year 6 Residential trip to Windmill Hill 2024

Day 1

Dear Parents,

We are thrilled to share that Day One of our Year 6 residential trip to Windmill Hill has been a great success! The pupils have had an amazing time participating in a variety of exciting activities.

The day kicked off with a sensory trail, where the children engaged their senses and enjoyed exploring the natural surroundings. Next, they tackled orienteering, demonstrating impressive navigation skills and teamwork as they worked their way through the course.

Problem-solving activities challenged the pupils to think creatively and work collaboratively, and they all rose to the occasion with enthusiasm. The “All Aboard” activity was a highlight, with everyone showing great courage and support for each other.

We wrapped up the day with a thrilling game of Cluedo, which brought out some excellent detective work and added a fun, competitive spirit to the evening.

It’s been a fantastic start to our trip, and we look forward to sharing more adventures with you soon!

Day 2

Dear Parents

We are having an amazing time here at Windmill Hill on Day 2 of our Year 6 residential!

The children have had a full day of exciting activities. This morning, they showed great teamwork and creativity during raft building. They worked together to design and construct their rafts, and it was fantastic to see their faces light up as they tested their creations on the water.

In the afternoon, we headed over to the climbing wall. Everyone demonstrated incredible determination and bravery as they scaled new heights. It was wonderful to watch them encourage one another and celebrate each climb’s success.

We ended the day with a session of archery. The children practiced their aim and concentration, with many hitting the target multiple times. It was a fun and engaging way to wrap up our activities for the day.

Overall, the children are enjoying themselves immensely and making the most of every moment. We look forward to more adventures tomorrow!